Blogs in the Law School Policy Review (LSPR)

LSPR is an online law and policy platform run by a group of students from the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore. The blog uses legal expertise and analytical skills to present novel arguments on domestic and international issues that affect daily lives. Kautilya Society students at NLSIU frequently contribute to the LSPR blog. Read all LSPR blogs by Kautilya Society students of NLSIU here.

LSPR is frequently cited across a number of platforms and academic journals in India and abroad, such as The Diplomat, The Print, Firstpost, Vice, Voelkerrechtsblog, SCC Online, Mondaq, Modern Diplomacy, Independent Australia, Social Change Journal and The Indian Journal of Law and Technology. The articles have been cross-posted on multiple platforms such as LiveLaw, and The Eleventh Column. Our content has also been featured on global academic resource compendiums, and legislative notes circulated among Members of the Indian Parliament.