Public Policy Post: Issue I (Jan-August 2021)

Public Policy Post, a bi-annual publication by the Kautilya Society at NLU, Odisha, aims to provide a glimpse of the latest happenings in the public policy arena and create a platform for further discourse for policy enthusiasts. Given the impact of public policy issues on general populace, this newsletter is an attempt to provide the legal fraternity with an avenue to keep abreast with policy discussions in an accessible and easy-to-understand format. This edition of the newsletter includes articles, quick legal updates, and interviews with legal professionals practicing in the field of public policy.

The newsletter begins with a foreword by Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Pratap Singh (Registrar, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack) followed by a tribute to Late Dr. Owais Hasan Khan (Faculty Advisor, Kautilya Society, NLUO).

The newsletter features an interview with Ameen Jauhar (Senior Resident Fellow, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy), guest articles by Ashit Kumar Shrivastava (Assistant Professor of Law, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur) and a co-authored article by Akash Chandra Jauhari (Senior Resident Fellow, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy) and Aishwarya Singh (Associate at AP & Partners).

Lastly, the newsletter discusses several key policy issues that have arisen between January-August of 2021 and student contributions featuring articles by Dipti Jain, Aksshay Sharma, Aneesh Rajesh Khare and Ronita Biswas.