Blog Symposium on Law & Political Economy in India after COVID

The Kautilya Society at NLSIU, in association with the Young Scholars Initiative, organised the Blog Symposium on Law and Political Economy in India from 8-23 August, 2020. The event witnessed the remarkable insights of speakers such as Mr. Alok Prasanna Kumar (Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy), Dr. Amal Sethi (University of Pennsylvania), Dr Gayatri Nair (IIIT Delhi), Mr Sanjoy Ghose (Advocate), Dr Jamie Woodcock (Open University), Prof. Nayanika Mathur (University of Oxford), Prof. Philippe Cullet (SOAS) and Prof. Rashmi Venkatesan (NLSIU). It also spanned discussion around cogent pieces on Indian Federalism, Gig Economy and the Law, and Neoliberalism and the Law – published on the Law School Policy Review.

The Symposium was featured in the Compendium of Resources, curated by the the Peter Mackell Chair in Federalism, McGill University, Canada.

Read more about the event here.